Guided Drawing® Course Bundle

This bundle includes both of Cornelia Elbrecht's online training courses on Guided Drawing®.

Professional Development

  • Start your training foundations

    "The Transformation Journey" available for immediate start. Twelve months of access to this course, in your own time.

  • Understand and apply trauma healing

    Focus on trauma-exploration with "Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing®". Experience the benefits of cohort-based training.

  • For Mental Health Professionals

    Immerse yourself in this modality and learn the skills of practicing Guided Drawing®. Become certified to integrate Guided Drawing into your practice.

Enroll in the Guided Drawing® Course Bundle

Save US$150 by bundling these two courses. Monthly installment option available.

"The Transformation Journey" + "Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing®"

Two courses presented by Cornelia Elbrecht

Access both of Cornelia Elbrecht's complementary online training courses on Guided Drawing®: The Transformation Journey (which is accessible to start immediately), and the cohort-based Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing®.

For more information on each course please see the course web pages.

Founder & Director

Cornelia Elbrecht

BA. MA. (Art Ed), AThR; IEATA; IACAET; SEP. Cornelia is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy. She has over 45 years of experience as an art therapist and has been conducting professional certified training in Initiatic Art Therapy, Clay Field Therapy and Guided Drawing for nearly two decades. She has studied at the School of Initiatic Art Therapy in Germany, is trained in Jungian and Gestalt therapy, Bioenergetics, Shiatsu and Naturopathy. More recently Cornelia has completed her trauma therapy training with the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute (SETI). She has published four books on Sensorimotor Art Therapy. Cornelia works in private practice and conducts training throughout Australia, internationally and online. She is an accredited supervisor with ANZACATA.