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About Sensorimotor Art Therapy

Both Guided Drawing® and Clay Field Therapy® are sensorimotor, body-focused, trauma-informed art therapy approaches.

In recent years “sensorimotor” has emerged as a term to describe body focused psychotherapies that use a bottom-up approach. Instead of a cognitive top-down strategy, sensorimotor art therapy encourages the awareness of innate motor impulses in the muscles and viscera, also as heart-rate and breath. The expression of these motor impulses followed by their perception through the senses, allows the development of new neurological pathways that can bypass traumatic memories; such an approach is capable of restoring wholeness and wellbeing.

Both Guided Drawing® and Clay Field Therapy® are sensorimotor, body-focused, trauma-informed art therapy approaches. They are not necessarily concerned with an image-making process, but support the awareness of body memories. While these memories are always biographical, the therapy itself is not symptom-oriented. Not the specific problem or crisis become the focal point, but the option to new answers and solutions as they are embedded in the body's felt sense.

Charting new trauma-healing territory

Lucia Capacchione, PhD, ATR, REAT, U.S.A.

"Cornelia Elbrecht charts new territory in neurobiologically-informed trauma treatment."

Guided Drawing meets Somatic Experiencing

Jean Bennett, U.K.

"It is the somatic experiencing of the art therapy world; it brings together implicit experiences when speaking is not a necessity, but a movement is."

Guided Drawing is a body-focused approach

Ronald P.M.H. Lay, MA, AThR, ATR-BC, Singapore

"Cornelia Elbrecht provides a body-focused framework for therapists to navigate difficult terrain in ways that are meaningful, straightforward, life-changing, and applicable."

Realm of psycholigical healing

Monica Wong, PsyD, Hong Kong

"Follow the footprints of a master into the realm of psychological healing."

Introducing Cornelia Elbrecht

All courses are created and facilitated by Cornelia Elbrecht

Founder & Director

Cornelia Elbrecht

BA. MA. (Art Ed), AThR; IEATA; IACAET; SEP. Cornelia is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy. She has over 45 years of experience as an art therapist and has been conducting professional certified training in Initiatic Art Therapy, Clay Field Therapy and Guided Drawing for nearly two decades. She has studied at the School of Initiatic Art Therapy in Germany, is trained in Jungian and Gestalt therapy, Bioenergetics, Shiatsu and Naturopathy. More recently Cornelia has completed her trauma therapy training with the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute (SETI). She has published four books on Sensorimotor Art Therapy. Cornelia works in private practice and conducts training throughout Australia, internationally and online. She is an accredited supervisor with ANZACATA.

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